The Mystery

In the middle of my chaos there was you….

Having met you later in life,
there are no memories of
young romantic love,
high school roller skating parties,
college weekdays longing for your touch.
No memories of experiencing together
life’s first tastes of freedom
or the innocence of believing that
we had all the time in the world.
I never knew your young body nor you mine;
those days when I looked radiant in the morning.
When life finally brought us together
We stood before each other
In the stark reality of all we had become.
Too mature to hide
Yet secretly wondering
If the other would stay
And if love was worth the trouble
After all this time.
Piece by piece
We removed the layers of life
Shedding off what no longer served us
Until we discovered a place deep inside,
Beyond judgment, expectation,
Or what anyone else thought
Where we found only pure light.
Smiling, we instinctively knew
We had everything we needed
For the rest of the journey.

With you by my side
I can see the light in your eyes
Reminding me
Of who we really are.
Forgiveness has never been so easy
And love so real.
Having met you later in life,
The knowledge that our time here is limited
Grows stronger with each passing moment.
Instead of running,
I pause and breathe.
Hold your gaze.
Feel your energy.
And open my heart to the mystery of life.


How to be perfect you?

One perfect sunday with my family.

It was rare activity for us na manood ng sine but this movie marks a special memory for me, mom and my siblings. The movie is not just a romcom but something that tackles real issues in life, our personal struggles in relationships, work and family. Na justify naman ng mga characters na sina Abi and Burn un role nila and two thumbs up. Marami ako key learnings na natutunan sa film – that i want to share with you. Oo , ikaw na nag babasa nito – salamat for dropping by my site. Totoo lahat tayo ay may struggle sa buhay mapa personal, career at pamilya pero ang bottom line is not how many times you fall that makes you a better person but how many times you stand up and fight . Nobody is perfect at wala din perfect na buhay. Ang problem para yan spices ng buhay – kung sa pag luluto di sila nalalayo sa asin, sibuyas, bawang atbp. You can never have a perfect dish without those things. Ganun din sa buhay natin- the more that we had struggles the more we had the reason to fight and never give up- sa buhay, sa mga kaibigan, pamilya, partner at atin mga minamahal. Loving someone does not guarantee that they will love us back with the same intensity- kaya don’t expect too much – enjoy the moments that you are in the stage of getting to know him/her.

Don’t look for a perfect partner- masasaktan ka lang but try to be that perfect person for the right person and right reason . After all LOVE is what makes us live and co- exist. In case he/she does not love you that much – be glad that it grows in yout heart- that feeling will always be one reason why you become a better and wiser person than you were yesterday.

And there is no formula in making a relationship last except making God as the center of it. Make Him your mission in life to lead you to that someone. Kung nabigo ka man- lagi mo tatandaan hindi lang ikaw ang unang tao tinalikuran ng mundo. Lahat tayo at one point in our life dumaan sa buhay Burn and Abie kaya wag ka malungkot there will always a rainbow after the rain

Every big journey starts with a small steps. And the film shares this key learnings on life, love and prayer

step 1 forgive urself
step 2 love yourself
step 3 just laugh
step 4 be brave
step 5 gratitude is the best

Sana kung may pinag dadaanan ka man ngaun – naway nakatulong ako sayo.

Life is too short to waste it on what ifs- enjoy mo lang buhay. YOLO- You only live once and make each day count!

God bless



A.K.W.P.E – 2018 Ikalawang Yugto


May mga pang yayari sa buhay natin na minsan di natin na expected na mangyari. Minsan we planned everything so well and at the last minute God will tell you to pause because I have a better plan for you.

Trusting the process was not that easy- especially marami nadin nahulog sa maling akala ng buhay- pero ganun naman talaga ang pag-ibig at pagmamahal eh, sabi nga ng isang kaibigan- you win some, you lose some. Hindi lahat ibibigay sayo agad agad. You just have to be grateful kung ano meron sa ngaun. Ang maganda lang sa ganito pag kakataon – mas natuto kana mag tira para sa sarili mo.

Mas alam mo na ang gagawin mo. Na kaya mo tanggapin na sa buhay natin meron talaga tinalaga ang Dios upang dumaan lang sa buhay mo – para isave ka- para tulungan ka bumangon but unfortunately that person was not meant to stay. But you don’t regret this person in your life because the memories you had was saved sa memory ng “bank ng forever”. It will always be good memory that will make you smile that one way or another your path had crossed and made life a little worthwhile. And you will continue to pray for that person’s happiness too.

Kahit ano pait ang naramdaman mo magmahal noon- darating din pala ang panahon- sisibol ang pag asa, ang saya , ang ngiti nawala sayo saglit. Isang araw pag gising mo- everything is different- may pag babago sa puso, isipan at pananaw mo sa buhay

Maybe God has this way of saying – I know your desires, anak – Hindi kita nakakalimutan .

Trust me when I say,  I have someone better for you.


Noong una kita nakita….hmmmm…


How to take charge of Leadership Trajectory today?

Growth isn’t an accident. We grow on purpose or not at all.

Take charge:

Short-sighted leaders are too concerned about being in charge of others. Take charge of your own development.

Developing your own leadership is tougher than helping others develop theirs.

Change trajectory by choosing a neglected leadership behavior to practice. After you choose, narrow your focus. Don’t change everything. Change one thing.


Daily nudges are better than weekly leaps.

Affirm character.

Take charge of your trajectory by rising  above ambiguous “Good job” affirmations, for example. Affirm character. Notice initiative, transparency, candor, or grit.


An affirming statement begins, “I noticed.”
1.I notice that you’re committed to the best interest of your colleagues.
2.I notice that you’re great at working on your own.
3.I notice that you practice forward-facing curiosity.

Even higher:

Take affirmations to the next level by connecting them to business objectives. “I notice that you’re committed to the best interests of your colleagues. That’s going to serve you well when you challenge people to reach higher.”

Face discomfort:

Perhaps you’re uncomfortable affirming character.


Discomfort with a leadership practice indicates it’s an important stretch for you.

It’s scary to shift mindsets.

You might be so controlled by negatives that the thought of looking for positives seems out of place.

We neglect things so long that they feel awkward when we re-engage with them. That’s the reason to lean in.

A little discomfort indicates growth. Sticking with comfortable behaviors indicates stagnation.

Affirmation walk-about:

Give yourself permission to walk around once a day affirming the character of your teammates

Affirmations are elevators.

Focusing on what’s wrong is one reason there’s a dark cloud over your department. Circling problems is one reason they persist.

How might leaders take charge of their leadership trajectory?

Dan Rockwell/ Leadership Freak

T.O.T.G.A. ( the one that got away )

I saw your picture last week – out of the blue natyempuhan lumabas picture mo sa news feed ko. Matagal na panahon din di kita hindi napapansin- siguro dahil I don’t follow you for quite long years – maybe it was for the best. I don’t know

Ang alam ko lang  I have hurted you, I did not give ourselves a chance and hindi ako sumunod sa bansa pinuntahan mo. I know I was the one who started to drag you to go there pero nauna kapa and I was too afraid to take the risk then. I was already comfortable being with you- pero natakot padin ako sumugal. I thought you have no plans in life- pero I was wrong. I saw you have changed a lot. North America changed you , I guess. Mas confident kana at may mas maganda direction sa buhay, looking at you now with your wife and baby. I knew then you were someone that got away.

We  had a good friendship but that time,  I commit myself with someone whom I  thought would give me the one that I am looking for. Sorry, if I hurted your feelings, sorry if I didn’t give ours a chance. But I am thankful pa din kay God for He gave you a good and wonderful wife. Someone who will take care of you. Someone you could finally say ,” My family”. Alam ko hindi madali maulila sa mga magulang.  Hindi mo lang alam- nakikinig ako lagi sa mga kwento mo, sa mga jokes mo. Di lang halata pero naaliw na ko sayo noon. Noong bago ka palang sa Canada. Madalas ko silipin ang mga post mo, gusto kita kamustahin pero mas minabuti ko wag ka. Masaya na ko makita ka- kung san san parte ng Canada kana napunta. Tinupad mo naman ang pangako mo- you posted all the wonderful places you have been. Masaya nako makita ka nag eenjoy sa journey mo. I stop following you then one day nabalitaan ko  you already have a girlfriend. Alam ko naman one day mahahanap mo din un pag mamahal na you deserve. Dahil hindi ka naman mahirap mahalin.

Salamat sa pag hanga at pag mamahal. Salamat nakita mo ako- yung ako na may sarili mundo sa corner ng office,yung simple tao sa department natin, yung tao laging naka earphone lang eh ok na. Kahit saglit lang un pag kakataon makilala kita – it was one of the good memories I have in my younger years. Our endless chat while working on night shift. I should have listen to you – niloko nga lang ako . Pero ok lang- charge to life experience. Sino ba naman makakalimot sayo eh madalas tayo mag partner sa night shift mag mula sa BGC to Pasig tayo na mag kasama. Ayaw ko isipin sinusundan mo ako- pero natutuwa ako sumusunod ka sa bawat site na mapuntahan ko. Masarap ka naman kausap at kasama but I miscalculate your maturity.  Mas malalim ka pala sa inakala ko. Ang wide ng nalalaman mo- mapa politics, NBA basketball, movies at real life stories – you have something to say. I guess you found my weakness to have someone smart to talk to.

You didn’t know , pero minahal kita sa paraan alam ko. Hindi naman ako basta basta sasama sayo to have dinner if you’re not important to me that time. Kilala mo naman ako sa simula palang eh suplada at mataray na ako. Maybe the timing was really off. But I am happy at one point in my life our path crossed at nakilala at nakasama kita. Sana napatawad mo na ako, I didn’t friend zone you, minahal  kita- di ko lang nasabi sayo, now you know. I will always wish and pray the best for you and your family. Stay happy always


For now…

My soul made love to your soul long before
our bodies met. When i first laid my eyes on you
I recognized you….

You held my future in your hand

I choose to love you in Silence
For in my silence I find no rejection

I choose to love you in my loneliness no one
owns you but I

I choose to adore you from a distance
From distance shields us both from pain

I choose to imprison you in my thoughts
cause in my thoughts, freedom is for me to decide

I choose to kiss you on the wind for the
wind is gentler than my lips

I choose to hold you only in my dreams
For in my dreams there is no end

But one day….

I will embrace reality to spend the rest of
my life with you and only you..



I miss you


I miss you in the morning
And when the sunset fades away,
The ache within my heart- to know were miles away
And it just will not go away

My heart fills with love for you
When I think how much you can be that caring person
As I relive all the happiness
and the joy  felt when I  shared it with you

You’re with me in every moment ( I am alone)
And in every move I make ( with you )
Lie the memories I have for you
That I will never forsake

For now I will keep you where it is safe in my heart, in my thoughts in my prayer…