The Mystery

In the middle of my chaos there was you….

Having met you later in life,
there are no memories of
young romantic love,
high school roller skating parties,
college weekdays longing for your touch.
No memories of experiencing together
life’s first tastes of freedom
or the innocence of believing that
we had all the time in the world.
I never knew your young body nor you mine;
those days when I looked radiant in the morning.
When life finally brought us together
We stood before each other
In the stark reality of all we had become.
Too mature to hide
Yet secretly wondering
If the other would stay
And if love was worth the trouble
After all this time.
Piece by piece
We removed the layers of life
Shedding off what no longer served us
Until we discovered a place deep inside,
Beyond judgment, expectation,
Or what anyone else thought
Where we found only pure light.
Smiling, we instinctively knew
We had everything we needed
For the rest of the journey.

With you by my side
I can see the light in your eyes
Reminding me
Of who we really are.
Forgiveness has never been so easy
And love so real.
Having met you later in life,
The knowledge that our time here is limited
Grows stronger with each passing moment.
Instead of running,
I pause and breathe.
Hold your gaze.
Feel your energy.
And open my heart to the mystery of life.


A.K.W.P.E – 2018 Ikalawang Yugto


May mga pang yayari sa buhay natin na minsan di natin na expected na mangyari. Minsan we planned everything so well and at the last minute God will tell you to pause because I have a better plan for you.

Trusting the process was not that easy- especially marami nadin nahulog sa maling akala ng buhay- pero ganun naman talaga ang pag-ibig at pagmamahal eh, sabi nga ng isang kaibigan- you win some, you lose some. Hindi lahat ibibigay sayo agad agad. You just have to be grateful kung ano meron sa ngaun. Ang maganda lang sa ganito pag kakataon – mas natuto kana mag tira para sa sarili mo.

Mas alam mo na ang gagawin mo. Na kaya mo tanggapin na sa buhay natin meron talaga tinalaga ang Dios upang dumaan lang sa buhay mo – para isave ka- para tulungan ka bumangon but unfortunately that person was not meant to stay. But you don’t regret this person in your life because the memories you had was saved sa memory ng “bank ng forever”. It will always be good memory that will make you smile that one way or another your path had crossed and made life a little worthwhile. And you will continue to pray for that person’s happiness too.

Kahit ano pait ang naramdaman mo magmahal noon- darating din pala ang panahon- sisibol ang pag asa, ang saya , ang ngiti nawala sayo saglit. Isang araw pag gising mo- everything is different- may pag babago sa puso, isipan at pananaw mo sa buhay

Maybe God has this way of saying – I know your desires, anak – Hindi kita nakakalimutan .

Trust me when I say,  I have someone better for you.


Noong una kita nakita….hmmmm…


Women Who Stay Single Longer End Up Being The Happiest

The Single Life

Regardless of their motivations, their circumstances, or their approaches, the women who stay single for longer end up being the happiest.

They are the ones who become the happiest because they are the ones who learn to really love themselves. They are the ones who grow to learn and understand that there is beauty and solace to be found within solitude. They are those who understand that happiness doesn’t always have to be found in another person.

They are the ones who are fine with having an entire bed all to themselves at night while they sleep. They are the ones who are able to perform all of their chores and errands on their own without complaint.

They are the ones who don’t have to fear being alone because they know that they can take care of themselves really well. They are perfectly fine walking down the streets on their own because they don’t need anyone else to help them get to their desired destinations.

They don’t fear the solitude. They embrace it. They thrive in it.

They are the ones who become the happiest because they really make the time to build themselves as individuals. They are the ones who don’t have to worry about being selfish. They are the ones who get to devote all of their time and attention to their own personal lives and they can do so shamelessly and guiltlessly.


There’s A Reason Why God Brings You Closer To Certain People And Then Lets Them Go

People always say you can’t really explain why you feel a certain way about someone. Why you click with some people more than others or why you suddenly feel connected to a stranger. I feel like God brings us closer to certain people because these are the people we need in our lives right now. These are the people who will either teach us important lessons about life or about ourselves.

There’s a reason why God moves your heart toward a specific person and a reason why you get attached to certain people more than others. When I look back, there’s not one person I got really attached to who didn’t have something valuable to teach me or didn’t play a major role in my life. And the irony is, most of these people were temporary because their duty was to show me a different way and then set me free.

Sometimes the stage of your life determines what kind of people you attract and I think that’s the beauty of faith, God sends you the people you need at exactly the right time. He gives you the answers you were looking for through these people. He enlightens you by bringing you closer to people who bring out the best in you. He helps you when you’re struggling by pulling you closer to those who are capable of digging you out of your darkness.

It’s just that sometimes we try to turn these temporary people into forever people but that’s not their role. They’re not meant to stay in our lives forever. God called them to be there for us for only a short period of time. God called them to be in our lives so they can make us better for the ones who are meant to stay forever.

The problem is we become frustrated when these people leave because we can’t let go. We don’t understand why God would take away something so beautiful or someone who healed us but if you look at it from the perspective that if these people overstayed their welcome, their beauty will fade away, their love will die, their story will not be inspiring anymore and they will turn into a burden we’re not meant to carry, it will all start making sense.

The essence of letting go is faith. Faith that this story is better left the way it is. It’s better left the way God wrote it. Maybe rewriting it will ruin the story. Maybe changing it will not give you a happy ending. Maybe these people are angels sent to you to teach you a lesson or heal you or make you a better person and when their time is up, they fly away. They’re meant to be placed in someone else’s life.

Maybe these people are also teaching you how to let go, how to detach, how to realize when someone’s part in your story is over and have faith that the next person God brings you closer to is exactly who you need, even if you don’t know it yet.

Because I know that the day we meet the person who is meant to stay forever, we’d be able to spot them from a mile away, we’d recognize them in a crowded room because we finally understand the difference between someone who touches our hand and someone who touches our soul.

Rania Naim/ Thought Catalogue

AKWPE- 2018 Lucky Penny

Baby, look around
See that I’m nowhere to be found
You wanna feel me near
Then close your eyes and I’ll appear
Dream over me with a tear
Anything it takes to wish me here
Magic and sweet lullabies
Any lucky penny will do fine
Oh, to wish me here
Your arms are open wide
Waiting for me to run inside
I’ll meet you in the clouds
Please use your power to bring heaven down
Dream over me with a tear
Anything it takes to wish me here
Magic and sweet lullabies
Any lucky penny will do fine
Oh, to wish me here
And when we’re face to face
The world…

2018- I am looking forward for the big change to unfold to this story. God has made some twist and turn .In the end, With much faith – He will give me the perfect ending…


Dear Future Husband

Hello Darling,

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know if I know you already, or if you are a future I have yet to fall upon.

I have been preparing to meet you my entire life. For many years, I have looked forward to you with an ache in my heart. I felt a hole within me that I wanted to fill with you, a space in my heart plump with love, ready for you to rest in.

There have been men along the way who have grabbed my heart, and at the time I often felt that they were you. But as I push forward alone, I know you are still out there looking for me, just as I look for you.
I have traveled through the lands of relationships and dating. I have traversed heartache and loneliness—and now have come to comfortably rest within myself.

I have learned so many lessons that have polished my edges, that have broken me open, and it’s in the crushing of old dreams, beliefs, and illusions that possibilities open up. I thirst for myself now, to learn who I am in your absence. For only in your absence have I seen the crevices of darkness that keep you at bay. I see the drive for approval, the desire to be perfect, the numbing of feelings, the icky feelings of unworthiness, the walls created as protection from imaginary future hurts, the judgments about myself.

I have met God and established a relationship with Source that fills me so completely that I know I am perfect in all the darkness I have uncovered in your absence. I know this path has been designed to bring me to myself, to understand that the love I seek is within. I have questioned so many times if I accidentally missed you, if I judged all those before you too harshly, but I know now that it’s all perfect just as it falls: perfect timing, and perfectly placed.
I am being molded for you as I am sure you are being molded for me. But I have so many that I get to love right now: a full roster of players that are on the starting line of my love game. I am grateful in every cell of my being for the very full life I have.

I believe the world is full of love, and people are love at their core. I see light everywhere I look. This path I have taken has been intensely painful, but each hurt I have used to the fullest benefit.
I am so much more of me than I have ever been before. I am the magnificent woman you deserve, for I know your soul even before I meet you. I know your kindness and empathy, your awareness, your strength, your commitment, and your love of life.

I will continue to learn and live and love until you arrive. I will be focused on the joy within my life so that when you walk into it, it will match your joyous vibration.
I am now whole; there is no hole left to fill in my heart. Yet it remains plump with love and open for your arrival.

All my love,

In case you didn’t know…

I can’t count the times
I almost said what’s on my mind
But I didn’t
Just the other day
I wrote down all the things I’d say
But I couldn’t
I just couldn’t
Baby I know that you’ve been wondering
Mmm, so here goes nothing

In case you didn’t know
Baby I’m crazy ’bout you
And I would be lying if I said
That I could live this life without you
Even though I don’t tell you all the time
You had my heart a long, long time ago
In case you didn’t know

How much I had loved you

Na miss kita..